in-Person Worship

Central is worshiping in-person on Sundays at 10:30 am observing the following health department guidelines (March 11, 2022):

1.  If you do not feel comfortable gathering in large groups, have a fever or do not feel well, please stay home and worship virtually via the Central Facebook page.


2.  As of February 25, 2022, the CDC issued new guidelines saying that mask wearing in public places is no longer necessary for healthy individuals living in low or medium transmission rate counties. As of March 7, McLennan County is considered a low risk (green rating) county. Therefore, wearing a mask at Central is now optional. If our county experiences a surge and is considered to be high risk (red rating), we will once again recommend and encourage everyone to wear a mask while in the church building.  Our goal still remains to do what it takes to protect your health and the health of others.  Face masks will still be available in the foyer.

By working together and following these guidelines, we can continue to meet in-person, take care of each other, and reduce the risk of COVID-19.