This Week's Newsletter

Central Update The Week of  January 18, 2022                              

Our Prayer List  

Barbara Owens                           Our Nation’s Leaders       

Sherry Jaquith                            All Our Military Personnel & Their Families

Becky Nall                                 First Responders, Doctors, Nurses, EMTs,

Ed Merenda                               All Hospital Personnel

Jennifer Michalik                      Patricia Stroman

Shelly Samuels                          Pat Johnson

Tim Jarrell                                 Fred & Barbara Hills          

Laura Makowski                       

Sandy Weaver                          

Anna Sewell                                    

Billie Frayer                              

Wes Waller                               

Beth Hollis                             

Andy Croft                                                           

Gene Kuehl               

Taylor Sims

Beverly Hill

Joe Baxter

Stacy & Kelice Larpenter        


Announcements and Ministry Opportunities


Keep Up with Central

Keep up with what’s happening in the life of the church by following Central United Methodist Church Waco  on Facebook, Instagram, or by visiting our website at


Sunday Worship Schedule

Sunday School for all ages at 9:30 am

Worship at 10:30 am in-person and live streamed on Facebook.


Children in Church

A nursery is available during our worship service for infants and toddlers, however we really encourage all of our children to attend the worship service with their families.  We believe that worship should be a family activity with our children learning at a young age the rhythm of worship.  To help with the “wiggles,” there are activity bags for the children at the back of the sanctuary.


Sunday Scripture Reading                             

January 23, Luke 4: 14-21


COVID-19 Update

With the risk of contracting Covid-19 going up in our county recently, we still want to encourage everyone, fully vaccinated or not, to wear a mask while around other people in church.  Wearing a mask in public is also a good idea to help ward off the flu.  Our main objective has been and still is to continue to gather for worship and other ministries while keeping each other safe while at church, especially our more vulnerable adults and our children.  Our hope is that everyone will continue to do whatever is necessary to stay safe and keep each other safe while at church.  Masks will still be available as you enter the church building


Get Fed Wednesday Update

Due to the sharp increase of COVID cases in our county over the last seven days, the Wednesday evening meal has been postponed until February 2.   Please continue to watch for updates in the newsletter and during the announcements at church.


The New Church Directory

A new pictorial directory is scheduled to be available in the spring and whether you are a member or not, we want you to be included.  Please fill out a Church Directory form (emailed and mailed last week, as well as available in the Foyer) and return it to the church Foyer or the church office by January 31.  For the 2022 Directory, you can schedule to have a photo taken, use the same photo used in the 2019 directory, provide your own photo, or opt not to have a photo with your contact information.  To schedule a time to get your photo taken, sign up in the Foyer on Sunday mornings or call Judy Rainey.  The available dates and times are Sunday mornings (February 6 and 13, 8:30 to 10:10 and 11:50 to 1:10) and Wednesday evenings (February 9 and 16, 4:30 to 5:50).  Photos will be taken in the Library.


Welcome New Members

Welcome Pete and Jean Solana to the Central family.


Our New Bishop

At the end of 2021, Bishop Mike Lowry retired and Bishop Rueben Saenz took over as our new bishop on an interim basis.  In addition to being our bishop, he is also the bishop of the Great Plains Conference made up of the United Methodist Churches in Kansas and Nebraska. The election of a full-time bishop will occur sometime after General Conference meets in the fall of this year. 


Invite Your Neighbors to Central

A Barna Group study revealed that in 2019 only 14% of all US adults said they never went to church.  In 2020 that number jumped to 53%.  It is no longer about whether our neighbors go to church somewhere other than Central.  It is now about whether our neighbors go to church at all.  Everyone is in search of what Jesus has to offer, if only they knew where to look.  Let’s not keep the love, acceptance, and grace of Jesus Christ to ourselves.  To help invite people to Central, there are packs of 3 cards available in the foyer that you can give to those you encounter.  Together, we can spread the Good News of the risen Christ in our corner of the kingdom of God.


Emergency Contact Cards

Everyone is invited to fill out an Emergency Contact Card and return it to the church office.  If something were to happen while at church, the right person/people can be notified of your situation.  The card information is confidential and will only be used in case of an emergency.  Cards are available in the Foyer.


Senior News

Central Cares will meet in the Fellowship Hall on January 11, at 11:00 a.m.  If you have been thinking of visiting church members who are homebound or living in special facilities, please join us. 

The Central Saints Luncheon, 12:00 noon has been postponed until February 17.  Please bring a covered dish.  This luncheon is open to everyone, regardless of church affiliation.


Circle of Friends once again is in need of plastic grocery bags to make mats for the homeless.  Thank you to all who have contributed to date.


Need a Ride to Church?

If you would like a ride to church on Sunday, just let Nancy know in the church office by calling 254-420-2862 by Noon on Thursday and the van will pick you up and take you back home after the worship service.


Meals on Wheels Drivers

There is an urgent need for 3 Meals on Wheels drivers to drive on Fridays.  The driver needs to be at the church to pick up meals at 10:30 am.  Deliveries are typically finished by 11:30 am.  Call Jane Keahey ASAP.


Ways to be in Ministry to our Neighbors

We can still be the church in our community by continued support of various ministries that are helping and offering Jesus and love to our neighbors.  Central is still collecting donations for the following ministries:

- New Stuffed Animals for Baylor, Scott and White Hillcrest’s Chaplain’s office.

- Canned Goods for Caritas.      

- Warm socks for the homeless through the Hangar.

- Neighbor Bags to our neighbors in need.

- 8 oz. bottled water for Pack of Hope.

Thank you, Central family for your willingness to share the love of Jesus with others.  You are making a difference for the kingdom of God, one relationship at a time.


Youth Update

Interested in serving in Youth Ministry?

Alina is looking for volunteers to help with the Youth on Wednesday nights. This might look like: helping to facilitate discussions, helping to plan lessons/events, and, of course, building Christ-centered relationships with our Youth. Your help and your gifts will be a blessing. If you are interested, please reach out to Alina or Pastor Bob. 

*Youth is meeting every Wednesday at 6:00 pm in the Youth room for fellowship, games, and prayer. Please enter through the covered entrance and wear your masks. 


Central UMC Youth Minister

M.Div/MSW Candidate, Truett Seminary & Baylor University


1 Feb  -  Claudette Ficklin & Kathy Alleman

2 Feb  -  Bob Waller

3 Feb  -  Hayley Whybarn

9 Feb  -  Paula Kelly

10 Feb – Hannah Mowder

13 Feb – Dorothy Koehler & Diane Shelton

14 Feb – Colton Brown

17 Feb – Frances Turner, Becky Hannah, Joy Martinez, Phillip Sims

17 Feb – Jonathan Melichar                                                                                     

18 Feb – Martha Sue Miller

19 Feb – Pat Johnson

22 Feb – Carol McGuire

26 Feb – Linda Warneke

28 Feb - Lance Wiethorn & Jim Reed & Monty German

29 Feb – Phyllis Gilliland