What is Worship?

The word worship comes from the same root as the word worth.  Worshiping God is us expressing what God is worth to us.  It is about thanksgiving and praise to God for what God has already done for us - especially through Jesus Christ.  It is giving to God what God deserves and not about God giving us what we think we deserve.  Join us for in-person worship or join us on Facebook every Sunday at 10:30 am and let us worship God

with you wherever you are in Spirit and Truth.

On Facebook every sunday after 10:30 am

An on-line worship service offering opportunities to encounter and connect with God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a message, prayers, a children's message, and a variety of music.  Drive-thru Holy Communion and prayer is available live in the parking lot every Sunday between Noon and 1:00 pm.

Change in Worship Time

Our one worship service is at the new time of 10:30 am on Sunday mornings.  When we are able to return to having safe in-person Sunday School classes, it will be at 9:30 am.  There are two main reasons for going to one service.


1.  This is a time to be united as one church and one community. There are lots of things in the world that have caused us to be divided as a society, but church service times should not be among them.  Having two worship services, by its very nature, divides the body into two churches based on preferred time and preferred music style.  Now, more than ever, we need more opportunities to be united, not more reasons to be divided.  When we return to in-person worship, we need to be one body of Christ.


2.  We need to encounter God and allow God to connect to us through as many opportunities as we can during worship.  God has always spoken through music and has done so through both our band and our choir.  God has blessed Central with some incredible musicians.  The whole church needs to hear and worship through all of them as often as we can.  The worship of God needs to include all types of music, not just one style.  Our one worship service will be planned intentionally to offer a variety of opportunities each week and will no longer be described as contemporary, traditional, or any other consumer-oriented label.  Instead, our one worship service will be designed and described as authentically and intentionally Christ-centered.  


Join us as we unite as one church and connect to the one true God.