What is Worship?

The word worship comes from the same root as the word worth. Worshiping God is us expressing what God is worth to us. It is about thanksgiving and praise to God for what God has already done for us - especially through Jesus Christ. It is giving to God what God deserves and not about God giving us what we think we deserve. Join us for in-person worship or join us on Facebook every Sunday at 10:30 am and let us worship God with you wherever you are in Spirit and Truth.

In-person and On Our website every sunday at 10:30 am

Our in-person and on-line worship service offers opportunities to encounter and connect with God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a message, prayers, a children's message, and a variety of music.


Our prayer for each and every person who worships with us is that they would encounter the presence of God through the Holy Spirit. Worship is a time to offer our whole self to God. We can trust God that when we offer our whole self in worship that God is faithful to meet us there.

Worship is also a time of training. We learn to discern the voice of God through prayer and reflecting on scripture. We learn truths of faith through the songs that we sing. We practice the hospitality of God in the way we welcome and greet one another. We practice the generosity of God through our own practice of generosity. Worship is the training ground for the rest of the week. What we practice in worship is reflected in the rest of our life.

Come as you are. Wear what you want. We have a nursery space for young children and activity bags for older children available during worship.

Join us as we unite as one Body of Christ and connect to the one true God.