Stephen Ministry

What is a Stephen minister?  Stephen ministers are lay people, Christian men and women, trained to provide one on one care to people experiencing a difficult time such as divorce, grief, job loss, chronic or terminal illness or separation due to military deployment.  Stephen ministers come from all walks of life.  Their commonality?  A passion for bringing Christ's love and care during a time of need. They are trained by the congregation 's Stephen leaders.  The training they receive equips them to provide high quality care to people who are hurting. A Stephen minister begins a caring relationship when he or she is matched with a person experiencing a life crisis.  The Stephen minister then meets with that person on a weekly basis to listen, care, encourage and provide emotional and spiritual support.  The relationship lasts as long as the person is in need of care.  If you sense that God might be calling you to serve as a Stephen minister or If you or someone you know need help with feelings of pain and distress, contact Dave Brower.

Central's Stephen Ministry

Central's Stephen Ministry began in 2015 with the first class led by Leaders Janice Roye and JoAnn Pulattie.  A second class followed in 2017 and a third will be trained in 2019.  In addition to meeting the needs of their care receivers various members serve in other areas such as Meals-on-Wheels, No Limitations, the church board, Epiphany, Emmaus, Bible Study, communion in the chapel, stuffed animal ministry for a local hospital, serving as Sunday School teachers, Bible study teachers and Pilots for Christ.  

Pictured left to right - Front Row:  Diane Loeb, JoAnn Pulattie, Frances Turner, Dwyane Warneke.  Second Row:  Elizabeth Williams, Janice Roye.  Third Row:  Ed Barker, Jack Williams, Tom McKernan, Cindy Campos.  Not Pictured:  Katherine Ditto Reeves.

Why I am a Stephen Minister

I have been blessed to be a Stephen Minister for the past two years.  Being a Stephen Minister has allowed me to be a part of the life of someone who is hurting, due to loss of a loved one, illness, or any of the other forms of life altering consequences such as  moving to a new city. The blessing of someone sharing trusted confidences and private information makes me extremely humble.  All information, and confidences shared is confidential and provides the care receiver a trusted outlet. Being a Stephen Minister enriched my life through sharing similar values and praying for peace and strength in my care receiver's life.  It is a bond strengthened through trust, prayer and one on one meetings.  And by just being there when needed, willing to help or listen. God is the focus in the relationship and He is the caregiver.  I am only His instrument. I thank God and praise Him for this program.  And I invite you to step out in faith and be blessed beyond measure.

Katherine Dittio-Reeves